Wireless Flow Meter Disconnects

If your Wireless Flow Meter has disconnected and will not reconnect after 15 minutes, please follow the steps below:

Power cycle the Wireless Flow Meter by removing a single battery and re-inserting the battery:

  1. Rotate the flow meter to expose the battery cover.
  2. Remove the battery cover.
  3. Use the flathead screwdriver to gently pry out the batteries.
  4. Remove one battery and wait 10 seconds
  5. Re-insert the battery
  6. Use the Phillips screwdriver to screw the cover on securely and ensure the unit is waterproof.

If the Wireless Flow Meter does not automatically reconnect, try repairing the Wireless Flow Meter

  1. Open the Rachio app. 
  2. From the "More" tab
  3. Select "Controller Settings" and select "Accessories" then add the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter. You will be guided through the pairing process
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