Issues Applying Thrive

Is it taking too long to apply Thrive?

There is a possibility that you have received a highly concentrated bottle of Thrive. This means that the application rate might be slower than we intend. If you have received a more concentrated bottle of Thrive, it means you have more microalgae to use—you won't burn your lawn from overuse.

Increasing the application rate is quite easy. Below are some methods that you can use


Remove Regulator from Applicator

At the bottom of the applicator tube is a plastic tip that detaches. This is the regulator that slows the application rate. Simply removing this regulator will increase the application rate. Remember: Follow the instructions and vigorously shake the bottle before applying



Get another bottle from your kit and go ahead and use that for now. Once you've applied that bottle, pour 1/3rd of the concentrated bottle into the empty bottle. Add water when you're ready, shake well, and then feel free to distribute to plants in your garden

Still Having Trouble

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