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The Rachio team would like to announce the bittersweet discontinuation of the production and sale of the Generation 2 Smart Sprinkler Controller. The Gen 2 has been an important part of the Rachio product family and has led to even more advanced generations of products, so we asked our CEO, Chris Klein, to help us give it the sendoff it deserves: 

“Gen 2 was iconic for its time because of its limited onboard controls and sleek look and feel when compared with existing products in the market. While we pioneered the category with our Gen 1 controller by demonstrating the power of the internet coupled with a wonderful mobile experience, we doubled down on it with Gen 2. We stuck to our guns and chose not to add knobs and screens that we deemed would limit what was possible through a completely digital interface.

The design of Gen 2 was a massive fork in the road for Rachio and we believe we chose correctly as we prove our ability to really expand our user experience to include entirely new product lines like Rachio Thrive. Had we gone down the path of adding more controls on the hardware itself, we would have ended up with legacy UX tied to knobs and LCD screens that would be hard to mold into a seamless experience that can expand into all things around sustainable water use in our yards.” 

As per usual, we’re always here to help support and answer questions. Read on to learn more about our decision and the bright future of Rachio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you discontinuing the sale of this product?

It’s time. The Generation 2 has been an incredible controller and fan favorite since 2016. Since then, we’ve released two new controllers, accessories, and a customizable lawn care plan. As Rachio changes, our products continue to evolve so we can offer the best products and yard care experience possible.

How will you continue to support the Gen 2 controller and its customers?

We have no plans to discontinue support of the Gen 2. We will continue to support end of sale products with necessary software updates and firmware fixes. In addition, our support team is still excited to help troubleshoot any issues through the Help Center, Community, and direct Rachio Support contacts. 

Does my warranty still apply?

You bet! You can read more about our 2-Year Warranty here.

What if I have issues with my Gen 2 and I am out of warranty?

At Rachio, we stand behind our products and will work with you on any issues. If you have any issues with your Gen 2 controller, please reach out to for assistance. 

I just bought a Gen 2. Can I exchange it for a Rachio 3?

There’s no need to exchange for a Rachio 3; your Gen 2 will still work as well as always. Like the Rachio 3, the Gen 2 is also compatible with the new Rachio Thrive lawn care plan. Learn more about Thrive here. If you’re still in the returns window, you’re welcome to return your Gen 2 to an authorized retailer to upgrade to the Rachio 3. 

Is there anywhere that I can still purchase a Gen 2?

Yes! The Gen 2 will be available on Amazon and while supplies last. 

What’s next? Rachio 4?

There is not currently a Rachio 4 on the horizon. However, we’ve just released the new Rachio Thrive lawn care plan and the R3e! Learn more about both products at

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