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Have questions about our new Rachio Thrive? In this article, you will find more details about our lawn care product!

Questions & Answers

How/where can I purchase? 

Head over to https://rachio.com/thrive. Use our Yard Analyzer Tool to customize your Thrive Kit and check out right here at rachio.com. If you don’t already have a Rachio controller, you’ll purchase a bundled controller and Thrive kit !

What makes Lawn Champion eco-friendly and kid & pet safe?

Typical fertilizers are not safe for human exposure at application. They also contain far more synthetic chemicals than soil and plants can absorb. This excess seeps down into groundwater and pollutes shared water resources, even destroying the natural ecosystems found in streams, rivers, and oceans and creating “dead zones” where marine life can no longer live because of excessive nutrient pollution. Rachio’s lawn treatments contain the right amount of natural nutrients, so there’s no waste and no pollution.  

What’s included in my Thrive Kit? 

With Rachio Thrive, you’ll receive the recommended amount of Lawn Champion for your yard size and climate, a reusable spray applicator, our easy-to-use expandable hose, and instructions. Even better, it all comes in an easy-to-store box. These are the products which are included:

  • Application Bottles
    Depending on the yard size and region, customers will receive a kit with 4 or 5 bottles containing the right amount of Lawn Champion for your yard. Our Yard Analyzer Tool at https://rachio.com/thrive will make sure you get just the right kit.
  • Spray Applicators
    Reusable spray applicators will attach to the application bottles and the provided hose to evenly apply Lawn Champion to your whole yard. We include extras just in case.
  • Expandable Hose
    Rachio Thrive’s hose makes applying a snap. It doesn’t tangle, shrinks down for storage, and covers up to 100’ depending on yard size. Store the hose in the provided bag when it’s not in use.
  • Extra Hose Washers
    There are 2 extra hose washers included in the hose bag.

What do the kits look like?

Bottle sizes range from 12-64oz, depending on the size of your yard.


How do I get my products? 

Rachio Thrive products are delivered directly to your door.  

When will I get my shipment?

Once your Thrive Kit has shipped, you’ll receive an email with tracking information letting you know when to expect your delivery. Currently, Rachio Thrive Kits are shipping within 24-48 hours of your purchase and contain a year’s supply of the product.

How much does it cost? How many applications do I get per payment?

Pricing varies depending on your lawn needs. Use our Yard Analyzer Tool to customize your kit and see your cost. Your kit will include a full year’s supply of applications.

How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping is free! However, we cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Arkansas, Puerto Rico, or outside of the United States. 

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