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What is Rachio Thrive: Lawn Champion? 

Rachio’s new lawn care plan focuses on naturally building roots and innovating soil nutrition to create the strongest foundation for a lush, sustainable lawn which can dramatically improve soil and plant health. It’s designed to replace traditional fertilizers (which are often synthetic and harmful) with kid-and-pet-safe, complete nutrition for your lawn. When you sign-up for your annual plan, you’ll receive a customized lawn treatment that’s safe and easy to apply, delivered to your door.


How does it work?

The first Thrive product, Lawn Champion, uses a system of microalgae and nutrients to bring a healthy balance back to your soil. This extends your roots, helping your grass absorb more nutrients from revived soil. Once applied, this treatment can restore the natural chemistry of your soil so that grass can really thrive. Beforing using Thrive you will need to have a Rachio controller installed and connected to Wi-Fi and activate Thrive in the Rachio app. The Thrive tab in the Rachio app will let you know the optimal time to apply throughout the season. You’ll also receive an email, see a notification on the home screen, and receive a push notification with a reminder to apply. This links to our instruction guide. 

Rachio Thrive Guarantee
We want you to love your lawn and the life within it. Not completely satisfied with Rachio Thrive? We’ll easily refund your order in full up to 60 days from delivery.

Do I need a Rachio controller to purchase lawn treatments? 

Yes, you must have a Rachio controller to use our lawn treatments. Rachio Thrive is most effective when combined with Rachio’s watering schedules, which are customized for your lawn’s needs. 

Is my yard compatible?

Rachio Thrive is compatible with yards up to 11,000 square feet. Learn more about your yard with our Yard Analyzer Tool. Unfortunately, Thrive is not currently compatible in Alaska, Hawaii, Arkansas, Puerto Rico, or outside of the United States. 

How does Thrive work with the Rachio app?

The use of Rachio Thrive and Lawn Champion will improve your lawn’s soil structure and microbiome which in turn will reduce the number of watering days you need cumulatively. When you log your Thrive applications in the Rachio app, our technology will know that Lawn Champion is helping grow your roots and improve your soil structure to keep you from having to water as frequently. Thicker, stronger roots need less water, therefore, you can start conserving your outdoor water use and lowering your water bill even more. 

What if I have already used other fertilizers or products on my lawn this year – can I still apply Rachio’s products?

Yes, you can still apply Rachio’s lawn care products! Because Lawn Champion is made up of nature-based ingredients like microalgae, there’s no risk of over-treating or burning your lawn (like with nitrogen-based fertilizers).

How many treatments will I get? 

Thrive Starter Kits includes two Thrive treatments (a 90-day supply; 1 treatment every 45 days) plus application accessories. Thrive Starter Kits includes two Thrive treatments (a 90-day supply; 1 treatment every 45 days) plus application accessories. Each Replenishment Pack delivers an additional 90-day supply (2 treatments) for continued lawn health. 

Can I only apply to grass/turf? Can I apply to other plants?

While Lawn Champion is completely safe for use on all vegetation types, it was specially formulated for grass. To ensure your applications are properly logged in the Rachio app, we recommend only using Rachio Thrive's Lawn Champion on grass.

How long does Rachio Thrive take to work?

Our lawn treatments get to work rebuilding your soil health and ecosystem as soon as you apply! While it may take some time to see these results above ground, Rachio’s lawn treatments start improving soil health from your first application on; Thrive produces more robust roots and greener grass just four weeks after your first application! Document your improvements online using #RachioThrive.

When do I apply it? 

You can apply the first bottle of Lawn Champion as soon as it’s delivered to your door during the season. Once your kit is delivered, Rachio will recommend the best time to apply based on your location and predicted weather. You’ll note that you’ve applied Thrive in the Rachio app and we’ll take it from there! You’ll see adjustments in your watering schedules as the season goes on and will get an email when you need to apply the next bottle. Rachio will suggest your next application date based on your location and weather data.

Should I apply Thrive if rain is forecast?

As Lawn Champion is water based, there's no reason to avoid application if rain is forecast, but continued heavy rainfall could lead to washing the product too deep into your soil. In this case, we recommend waiting until after heavy rainfall has surpassed until applying Lawn Champion. 


Can I apply Thrive with new seed/sod?

Thrive will benefit your new seed/sod but should not be applied until after the regular watering period for the seed/sod has finished (usually needed for the initial 5-7 days). Watering multiple times a day can wash the Thrive away making it less effective.

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