Rachio Thrive - Lawn Champion Application Instructions


This article explains application instructions for Rachio Thrive - Lawn Champion.

Before You Apply

    1. Consider removing weeds by pulling up at the root.
    2. If you haven’t already done so, activate your Rachio Thrive subscription within the Rachio app. Instructions can be found in the email you received after purchase.
    3. Visit the Thrive tab in your Rachio app to see your suggested application date.

Application Instructions

  1. Begin by vigorously shaking one product bottle until there is no sediment on the bottom. Separation is normal during shipping and storage.
  2. Screw spray applicator onto bottle, then attach to the hose.
  3. On the spray applicator, push in the tab (3a) and turn the safety knob to the “on” position (3b). Ensure the hose lever is in the “off” position (3c) (perpendicular to the hose) before turning on the water.
    instructions   instructions   instructions
  4. Turn on the water at your hose spigot and use the hose lever to control the spray applicator as you apply.
  5. Cover your entire lawn once by “painting” over your grass, then continue applying until the bottle is empty.
  6. Turn off the water and detach the hose. Finish by rinsing the spray applicator and storing (in the provided box) the applicator, hose, and instructions for your next application.
  7. Go to the Rachio app and mark the product as APPLIED in the Thrive tab. You will then be presented with a custom Quick Run to water the Lawn Champion into the soil.
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