Updates on the Wireless Flow Meter

An Update On The Wireless Flow Meter

At Rachio, we’re incredibly proud of the three generations of Rachio controllers and accessories we’ve created, and are even more grateful for the dedicated customers we’ve earned along the way. Unfortunately, the variability in irrigation system configurations made for a more complicated Flow Meter installation process for some of our customers–something that falls short of our mission. Because of this, we’ve decided to discontinue sales and production of the Wireless Flow Meter. 

We’re still here to help support and answer questions. Read on to learn more about what to expect moving forward.


How will you continue to support the WFM?
It’s business as usual. We will continue to release necessary software updates and firmware fixes, as well as help troubleshoot through our Help Center, Support Team, Community, and many Certified Rachio Pros.

Does my warranty still apply?
You bet! You can read more about our 2-Year Warranty

Is my current WFM still working?
Yes! There is no issue with the usage and accuracy of a properly installed Wireless Flow Meter. It still works–and will continue to work– with the Rachio 3.

I’m on the waitlist Where can I get a WFM?
Thank you so much for your dedication and patience. Many Certified Rachio Pros may still have stock. You may be able to get it through them while supplies last. To find a local Pro, click here.

I haven’t installed my WFM yet, is it too late?
Nope, it’s not too late to install your previously-purchased WFM! Reach out to your local Certified Rachio Pro for help with installation.

I haven’t installed my WFM yet, can I return it?
You can! We want to stress that the Wireless Flow Meter can still be installed and used with the Rachio 3. However, if you’d prefer to return, we’re extending the original 30-day return policy. As a one-time courtesy, we are offering a final 30-day return window for unopened Wireless Flow Meters with proof of purchase (receipt, order number, etc.) You have until December 6, 2019 to return. To start this process, please email returns@rachio.com with subject line “WFM Return” and your proof of purchase attached.

Why are you discontinuing sale of this product?
We realized that the variability in irrigation system configurations made for a more complicated Wireless Flow Meter installation process for some of our customers.This falls short of our mission to provide products that are easy to use and personally rewarding.

What can I use instead of WFM?
There are many wired flow meters on the market – some of which are compatible with Rachio. However, support and troubleshooting of these devices should be handled through the manufacturer. Visit the Rachio Community for customer recommendations!

Will you still support my currently installed WFM? For how long?
You bet we will! We have no plans to discontinue support for the WFM.

Do I need to remove my current flow meter from my system? Is there any risk to leaving it there?
Nope, your installed WFM will continue to work and monitor for leaks! Keep it, use it, love it. 

Why was the WFM out of stock for so long?
We ended up selling through more flow meters than expected at the same time that we were moving our manufacturing and experienced delays in that transition, causing us to stock out. This did not affect our decision to discontinue production of the product.

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