Change brightness on Rachio 3 light bar


Is the light on your Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller too bright or too dim? You can now adjust the light bar's brightness to your liking! Please note, this setting is only available on Rachio 3 controllers.

How to adjust the brightness


Make sure your Rachio app is updated to version 3.12 or later to access this setting.

  1. To change the light bar setting on your Rachio 3, go to the "More" tab in the Rachio app.

  2. Select "Controller Settings".

  3. Under "Brightness", tap how brightly you would like the light bar to display while the controller is idle. You can choose between Normal, Low, or Off.


If "Off" is selected, the light bar will not be lit while the controller is idle; however, the controller will still light up during controller events (such a when a schedule is watering).



Having trouble finding the brightness setting? 

  1. Make sure your Rachio 3 controller is on the latest version of the Rachio app.

  2. Still not seeing this option? Update your firmware and then re-open the Rachio app.

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