Yard Map for Rachio 3 controllers (12-Zone & Wireless Flow Meter)


Yard Map allows you to draw your zone boundaries and customize sprinkler heads to create a unique picture of your landscape and improve water usage reporting.

Yard Map is currently available on limited-release 12-zone controllers available only at Costco and Rachio 3 controllers that are equipped with the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter.

To view Yard Map in the Rachio app, go to the "More" tab and select "Yard Map".


Like all Rachio controllers, the 12-zone controller available at Costco is EPA WaterSense certified and may qualify for rebates in some water districts and utilities. If you require documentation to demonstrate that this product is WaterSense certified, please go here.

How to map your zone area 

  • To begin mapping the area of your zones, go to the "More" tab and select "Yard Map".

  • Select one of your zones and tap "Draw Zone" to determine your zone boundary. Tap the screen to place points that will connect to form an outline of your zone. Place points clockwise or counterclockwise to create the shape you desire.

  • Tap once on the map to place the first point of your zone. Tap again to place a second point that will connect with the first and form a boundary line for the zone.

  • Once your zone looks correct, tap "Done".
  • Make a mistake or need to re-try capturing your zone? Select "Clear" to start again.


Zoom into your zone for more accurate point placement. Android Users: You will have to click all the way into "Draw Zone" in order to zoom into your zone. You will not be able to zoom from any other screen.

How to add your nozzles/sprinkler heads 


  • Next, add any nozzles in your zone. Tap "Nozzle" and then tap the nozzle drop down menu to select your nozzle type.
    • Choose between Fixed Spray Head, Rotor Head, Rotary Nozzle, Emitter, Bubbler, Mister, and Drip Line.
  • After selecting your nozzle, tap into your zones to place nozzles. If you make a mistake, hit "Clear" and start again. Once you've made your selections and placed all your sprinkler heads, select "Done".
  • Repeat this process for each zone until you have mapped each of your zones and their spray heads.

How to edit your Yard Map 

Have you added or removed sprinkler heads, or changed your zone boundaries? You can edit your Yard Map at any time in the Rachio app. Just go to "More", select "Yard Map", and edit the instructions above.

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