The following are common reasons that a schedule might not run. Look through and determine if any of these make sense for your issue. If not, shoot us a message!

Schedule Expired

You can check to see if your schedule is expired by heading to the Schedules tab and selecting the problematic schedule. Click "Start/End Dates" to see if your schedule has an End Date and is expired. If so, you can simply click "End Date" to change the end date to some time in the future, or never.

Quick Run

Any chance you tried to run a Quick Run before the schedule was scheduled to run? Quick Run will override the system and force the zones to run. If a schedule was supposed to start at 1pm, but a quick run was enabled at 12:50, the 1:00 schedule will be overridden and will no longer run.

Schedule Disabled

There's a chance your schedule is disabled. To check, head to the Schedules tab. Your list of schedules will be under the calendar, if you see that the schedule you expected to run is greyed out, it's disabled. To reenable, click on the schedule and toggle on the switch next to "Enabled."

Weather Skips

Was it cold or windy? How about rain? Rachio's Weather Intelligence will skip your schedule if the weather meets any of the thresholds for temperature, wind speed, and rain. You can check your History tab to see if any weather skips were applied to the schedule. You can also adjust the thresholds if you prefer. Just head to More > Weather Intelligence to adjust those thresholds.

Schedule not skip when it should have?

Make sure all Weather Intelligence features are enabled on your schedule, adjust your thresholds, or double check that your weather station is reporting correctly.

Manual Skip

Did you manually skip this schedule? Whether on purpose or accident, you can check in your History tab if the schedule was manually skipped.

Activated Rain Sensor

Do you have a rain sensor connected to your controller? If so, your sensor may have been activated (or in some cases, defective.) You can tell if your rain sensor is activated in two places. To tell if its currently activated, head to the Home screen. If there's an orange bar at the top, your rain sensor is activated. To tell if it was activated when the schedule was supposed to run, scroll through your History tab to see if it was activated at that time. If your rain sensor activated but there was no rain, there might be a defect within the sensor.

Controller Offline 

Could your controller have been offline when the schedule was supposed to run? You can check if your controller is currently offline by looking at the top of the Home screen. To see if the controller went offline previously, check out the History tab. To get the controller back online, click the red "Offline" banner on the Home screen and follow the instructions to get back online.

Power Failure

Power go out recently? If so, your controller may have been affected. Check your History tab to see if it recorded any offline activity. You'll want to look for a notification for "Offline" or "Power Cycle." If your controller is still offline, click the red "Offline" banner on the Home screen and follow the instructions to get back online.

High Flow Disabled

If you have a flow meter, check the History tab to see if there are any High Flow alerts that would keep that schedule and zone from running. High Flow alerts mean that there could be a leak in your pipes or a valve stuck open. Investigate the affected zone and get in contact with a Certified Rachio Pro.


Did you place your controller on Standby? Check the top of your Home screen for an orange bar that indicates Standby Mode. Not currently in Standby? Try the History tab. You should be able to see if Standby Mode was turned on before your schedule was supposed to run. To turn Standby Mode off, head to the More tab and hit the orange Standby Mode button below the photo of your controller.

Rain Delay / Delay Water

Is or was a Water Delay enabled? A notification will show on the Home screen and in the History tab. You can turn off the Rain Delay by going to the More tab and clicking the blue "Delay Water" button, then select "Off."

Master Valve

If you have a master valve, do you have that selected in your controller settings? If you don't have a master valve, do you have that deselected? To check, head to the More tab > Controller Settings > Advanced Wiring. If you have a master valve, make sure its wires are connected to the M terminal on the controller and that option is selected.

Zone Fault

There could have been a zone fault that kept the schedule from running. If this occurs, you will receive a notification. When the controller experiences a fault on a zone (or the master valve) we: Restart the controller, send a push notification to your mobile phone, add an event to your History feed with the zone number (or master valve) that faulted and the time of day the fault occurred. Learn more about how to fix a zone fault here.

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