What are Inbox messages in the Rachio App?

Rachio Inbox for important messages 

Rachio keeps you informed on important events within your sprinkler system with our new Inbox messaging. Check your Inbox (located in the top right corner of the Home screen) to view new messages.


How to tell if you have a message

When you have a new message in your Rachio Inbox, a red dot will appear on the Inbox (top right corner of the Home screen).

How to view your message

After selecting the Inbox icon, your current messages will display. Tap the message you would like to view for details. 

Want to learn more?

Some Inbox messages contain resources so you can learn more about the issue or notification at hand. To access, click the "learn more" support icon displayed on your Inbox message.

How long do messages last? 

Inbox messages expire 30 days after they are received. To remove a message, select "Archive". Need to revisit an archived message? Click "Archive" in the top right corner of your Inbox. 

Example Inbox messages

Rachio will send only the most important messages about your sprinkler system and Rachio app to your Inbox. These will typically be messages that relate to changes in your watering schedule, controller connection issues, leak detection with Wireless Flow Meter, and more.


  • Controller created
  • Controller offline for extended period of time (24 hours or more)
  • Seasonal Shift (when watering duration changes with the seasons)
  • Flex Monthly Shift (when watering duration changes with the seasons in a Flex Monthly schedule)
  • Weather Intelligence™ Plus Self Healing (weather station automatically updated because previous station stopped reporting data)
  • Zone Fault detected (possible wiring issues, with limited or no watering ability)
  • Flow rate detected outside of scheduled and manual watering (possible leak)
  • Low Flow detected
  • High Flow detected (message will detail whether auto shut-off is enabled)
  • Wireless Flow Meter connection lost
  • Wireless Flow Meter batteries low
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