Rachio Wireless Flow Meter: Canadian Installation

Finding required fittings in Canada

Proper installation of the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter requires specific fittings that may need to be special ordered if you reside in Canada. If you’re installing the flow meter in Canada, the following information will help streamline purchase and installation.

Ensure installation success by:

    1. Determining pipe size and material

    2. Selecting and purchasing required fittings

    3. Consulting the installation instructions before adding flow meter to your system

Rachio Wireless Flow Meter

Pipe size and material

First, determine the size and material of the pipe at your installation site; this will help you select the required fittings needed for your specific system. We do not recommend using any other fittings or installation methods.


DO NOT use glue of any kind, as it interferes with water measurements and may damage the flow meter.

For more information, go to www.rachio.com/flow

How to purchase required fittings

Once you’ve determined your pipe size and material, select your pipe type below to find out how to purchase your required fittings:

  • Copper and PEX

    • You will need to special order Sharkbite fittings from any store supplied by Wolseley. Use the Wolseley store locator to find one nearby, then call to ask the store to special order the required fittings using the SKU barcode number.
  • PVC

    • The required PVC lock fittings are available at The Home Depot.
      • For 1-inch PVC, purchase 2 Orbit PVC-lock couplings, model # 91081.
      • For ¾-inch PVC, purchase 2 Orbit PVC-lock couplings, model # 91082, and 1 model # 91081.

Remember to consult the installation instructions for all additional parts and tools needed before beginning installation.


Want help with your installation? Check out rachio.com/flow for tips, example installation videos, and more!

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