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In this article, we'll walk you through each type of watering schedule and how to edit, delete and create a schedule without Weather Intelligence.

Schedule types 

Rachio offers 3 types of schedule:

  • Flex Monthly - Adjusts monthly based on historical climate data; watering duration & interval (frequency) change takes place after the first watering in the following month.
  • Flex Daily - Adjusts daily based on soil moisture; watering schedules dynamically update on a zone by zone basis.
  • Fixed Schedule - Waters when you want - either on particular days of the week, a set interval, or odd/even days. Ideal for users with strict watering restrictions. 

Which schedule is right for me? 

The ideal schedule type for you depends on your situation. Watch the video below to see which schedule may be best for your plants and watering goals. 

Video Overview - Schedule Types 

How to edit a schedule

Want to edit an existing schedule? You can edit your schedule at any time after it's created. In the Rachio app, tap the "Calendar" tab, then tap on "Schedules" and select the name of the schedule you would like to edit. For more information and instructions on editing your schedules, go here: How do I edit a watering schedule?



Schedules Settings Overview

For more information on schedule settings and how to edit them, go here.

  1. Name (schedule name)
    This is the name your schedule goes by, which you can create during schedule creation. 
  2. Type
    This lists your schedule type (Flex Daily, Flex Monthly, Fixed
  3. Interval (days schedule can water)
    This tells you what days you will allow the schedule to water (any days, specific days, or even/odd intervals). If you do not have watering restrictions, choose "any days" for optimum water savings!
  4. Zones (zone selection)
    This tells you what zones are active on a given schedule.
  5. Times (times of day your schedule can run)
    This tells you when your schedule will begin or end by. 

    Why can I not select "end before" on some schedules?

    The option to “end before a specific time” or "end before sunrise" can only be applied to one schedule per controller; this is to prevent multiple schedules from being stacked and eventually moving out of the 24 hour period of your selected watering day. As a result, once this option has been applied to a schedule, the option will not appear when creating additional schedules. To change which schedule makes use of the "end before" option, go to "Schedule" tab > schedule name > "Times" > select when to start your schedule after or end it before

  6. Watering Duration 
    This tells you how long your schedule will water for (in minutes). 
  7. Cycle and Soak/Smart Cycle
    This tells you whether your schedule uses Smart Cycle or manual cycle and soak.
  8. Weather Intelligence
    This tells you what Weather Intelligence or Weather Intelligence™ Plus features are active on your schedule.

How to delete a schedule 

Need to delete a schedule? If you want to change up your watering and create a new schedule, feel free to delete your existing schedule. But be warned - this action cannot be undone.

In the Rachio app, tap the "Calendar" tab, then tap on "Schedules" and select the name of the schedule you would like to remove. Scroll down to "Delete Schedule" at the bottom of the schedule editing page. 

  • Do you need to prevent your schedule from running for a period of time? You can choose to disable a schedule if you do not want to delete it. At the top of the schedule editing page, toggle off "Enabled" so that the option no longer shows green. When you're ready, you can enable the same schedule! 

How to create a schedule without Weather Intelligence

Have a zone being used as a pool fill or in a part of your landscape that doesn't get a lot of rain or wind? Create a new schedule just for those zones and disable all Weather Intelligence features. 

  1. Create a new schedule
    In the "Calendar" tab, tap on "Schedules" and tap on "Add Schedule" at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Select schedule type
    In order to create a schedule without Weather Intelligence, you'll need to select a Fixed Schedule.
  3. Continue through schedule setup
    Follow the schedule setup to choose the zones you'd like to run without Weather Intelligence, name your schedule, select allowed watering days and times, and decide on Smart Cycle. 
  4. Disable all Weather Intelligence Skips
    Eventually, you'll end up on the "Add Rachio Weather Intelligence" screen. Uncheck all Weather Intelligence options and tap Next. Finish up creating your schedule by approving or editing the duration.
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