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Are you a Certified Rachio Pro or other professional partner? Check out this page for all the latest news from Rachio! 

Read below for a chronological list of our most recent products, updates, and features impacting Rachio Pros. For details on all new features, updates, and improvements for mobile apps, visit the changelogs for Apple iOS and Android.

Bulletin Updates

Controller names in push notifications (v3.10.0) 

  • Push notifications now include device names! Tapping a push notification for a particular controller will now take you to the home screen for that controller. 
  • Shared access users can now receive emails or notifications about flow monitoring alerts.

Winterizing with Rachio Video

  • New video featuring tips and tricks for winterizing with Rachio products is now on the Rachio Help Center and Youtube! Rachio recommends customers winterize with the help of their irrigation professional. 
  • Check out how Quick Run and Shared Access can help during the pro blow out process in this 5-minute video!


Updates to Quick Run, Shared Access, and more (v3.9.0)

  • Quick Run design has improved, along with new functionality that lets you manually run schedules straight from Quick Run.

    Quick Run Rachio

  • You can now maintain current Shared Access connections when transferring ownership of a device
  • Added a step in onboarding to name your controller.
  • Added time limitations to Quick Run and Manual Cycle and Soak to prevent irregular behavior.

Rachio 3 now compatible with Apple HomeKit™ (v3.8.3)

  • HomeKit is now available on Rachio 3 with version 3.8.3 of the Rachio app! Once paired, customers can use Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controllers with Siri® on iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple Watch®. Apple customers, rejoice!
  • For pairing instructions, configuration tips, example Siri commands, and more, check out our Help Center article

Underground Flow Meter Installation Video

  • New video on installing the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter is now live on Youtube and the Rachio support site! Note that instructions and required fittings will vary depending on pipe size and material - go here for system-specific instructions. 

Automatic Firmware Update for Flow Pairing (v3.8.1; v3.8.2) 

  • Pairing the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter to a newly installed Rachio 3 just got a whole lot easier! The app will now automatically check for firmware updates at the beginning of the pairing process. If a firmware update is necessary, app will automatically initiate firmware update (estimated 3-4 minutes to complete).
  • Watch below to see how it works in the app! 

New Features and Updates (v3.8.0)

  • New in-app WI-FI troubleshooting to help users when their controller falls offline.
  • Added Inactive Flow checks for our flow users to catch faulty valves or pipe breaks when their system is not watering.
  • Added functionality to Weather Intelligence Plus to update users' weather station if the station stops reporting data.
  • Added functionality to Weather Intelligence Plus to notify users of new, closer stations.
  • Updated "End before" schedule options so that only one schedule per controller can use this option. This will prevent irregular and unwanted schedule behavior. 

Transfer Ownership (v3.6.2)

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