How to use Transfer Ownership to share my controller with someone else


Do you currently have a controller on your account that you would like to transfer to someone else? You can use Shared Access to transfer ownership!

How to transfer ownership to someone else 

  1. Go to Shared Access

    In the Rachio app, select the "More" tab and then select "Shared Access"; choose "Share Access" and then select "Transfer Ownership" from the list of three Shared Access types.

  2. Enter recipient email 

    Enter the email address of the person that will receive the controller.

    (NOTE: Please be mindful that in order for the transfer ownership request to be fulfilled successfully the desired recipient must have an active Rachio account linked to their preferred email address.

  3. Complete transfer of ownership

If you would still like to have shared access of the controller, you can tick the "Add shared access..." option, then select the "Transfer Ownership" button. You will receive an email confirmation once your controller has been shared. You can also choose to retain the accounts with shared access on the controller before transferring ownership (see options below).



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