Flow Calibration Error - Flow over 25 gpm during calibration

Is your Flow Meter registering flow greater than 25 gpm during calibration?

A flow rate over 25 gpm is very unusual, so we will first want to rule out the following circumstances:

  • Missing pipe transition
    • If you have ¾-inch pipe, make sure that you installed a six-inch long, 1-inch diameter pipe transition piece as instructed in the installation manual. If you did not, consult the manual to retrofit the installation.
  • Pump in irrigation system
    • If your system has a pump, we do not recommend installing the Wireless Flow Meter. This is because pumps can cause vibrations that may interfere with flow measurement. Please contact support.

If you have confirmed your  flow meter is installed correctly and you do not have a pump:

  1. Return to the the calibration feature in the app, tap “Zones” and then the specific zone, then “Edit”. Select “Flow settings” and then “Calibrate”.
  2. Before calibration, increase the “pressurized time" to 5 minutes.

Flow rate still above 25 gpm?

If the flow rate is still above 25 gpm, a break in the line may be causing a high-flow leak. We recommend investigating to see if there is a leak. Once the leak is repaired, calibrate the zone to continue receiving leak detection and and water usage information.

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