Flow Calibration Error - Lost connection to controller during calibration

Is the flow meter having trouble communicating with your Rachio 3 controller?

To troubleshoot, make sure that your Rachio 3 controller is online and out of standby mode by noting the controller status in the top left corner of the Home screen.

Power cycle the flow meter by removing a single battery with a flathead screwdriver and putting it back in. As soon as you power cycle, turn the flow meter over to look at the LED light on the face of the flow meter.

  • Solid green LED light: If there is a solid green LED light, return to the app to calibrate again.
  • Blinking green LED light: If the light is green and blinking, watch it for a few minutes; if it turns to solid green, return to the app to calibrate. If it blinks for more than 5 minutes and does not turn solid, contact support.
  • No LED light: Replace the the batteries. If after replacing the batteries there is still no LED light, contact support.
  • Solid red light: Contact support.

Take pictures for further troubleshooting support

If any of the following are true, please take a few pictures of the locations of your controller and flow meter, then contact support:

  • The controller is buried underground.
  • The flow meter is buried underground.
  • The controller is more than 300 feet from the flow meter.
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