Advanced installation for Rachio Wireless Flow Meter

Do I have advanced installation needs? 

Does your irrigation setup look a little different than what's described in the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter Quick Start Guide? You may have advanced installation requirements. But that's ok - we'll walk you through a couple installation variations below!

Types of advanced installation setups

Multiple backflow preventers (requiring multiple flow meters) and one Rachio 3 controller in the irrigation system

We support irrigation systems with up to two backflow preventers (with two Wireless Flow Meters to support them) and a single Rachio 3 controller. You should install one flow meter per backflow preventer, with a maximum of 2 flow meters per system.

The Rachio Wireless Flow Meter communicates with the Rachio 3 controller, and the usage data and leak detection information from all flow meters will appear as one holistic system in the Rachio app.

The flow meter installation manual will direct you in how to add a flow meter within the Rachio app; use this same process of adding and pairing the flow meter to add multiple Wireless Flow Meters.


Rachio cannot support more than two flow meters communicating with a single controller.

Multiple controllers and one or more Wireless Flow Meters in the irrigation system

At this time, we do not support multiple controllers and any amount of flow meters. It’s not something that we plan on supporting at this time. If this is important to you, please consider leaving a suggestion on the Rachio Community

Pump included in the irrigation system


Pumps may cause erroneous flow readings due to excessive vibration on the pipe. Install the flow meter as far from the pump as possible.    

If you choose to install a Wireless Flow Meter on a system with a pump, a minimum distance of 10 ft is between flow meter and pump is suggested. Install at your own risk. 


Need help finding a professional to help with your advanced installation? Click the link below to find a local Rachio Pro!

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