Professional Installation - Rachio Controller and Wireless Flow Meter Installation Checklist

This support article is intended to assist irrigation professionals with the installation of Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers and the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter (only bundled with the Rachio 3 controller).

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Installing the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter


The Wireless Flow Meter only works with the Rachio 3 controller. It is not compatible with the Generation 1 or 2.

Installation instructions, system compatibility, and a list of required fittings are available in the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter Quick Start Quick Start Guide.

The flow meter is wireless and made of ABS. You must use Sharkbite or PVC-Lock connectors specific to the pipe size and material, you can find the guide to required fittings here


Please note, you must know the customer's pipe size and material to find unique install guides and fittings required for installation.

For flow meter tech specs, click here

You will pair the flow meter using the Rachio app. Your customer will “Share Access” to their account with you, then you will be able to control their system from your account. Download the Rachio app for iPhone or Android. Learn how to “Share Access” in this support article.

Installing Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Each generation of controller has unique installation instructions, but use the same Rachio app for setup.  

Indoor installation instructions:

Outdoor installation instructions:

Set up a new controller for your customer using the Rachio app

    1. Using your customer's email, set up a Rachio account within the app.
    2. Create a password for your customer.
    3. Install the Rachio controller and connect it to the customers account.
    4. Use the app to setup zone information, schedules and Weather Intelligence preferences.
    5. Have your customer download the Rachio app.
    6. Give your customer their login (email) and password.
    7. If you want to access your customers account from your Rachio account, ask your customer to use “Shared Access” in the “More” menu, to allow you to view and modify schedules and settings.
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