Where can I find details about my zone(s)?

Zones have changed in the Rachio app!

Looking for zones, zone setup, and zone editing? All information on zones is now available in the "Yard" tab.

Looking to learn more about your zones? It's now easier than ever. The following will explain how to view your zone details and what that information means.

How Do I Find My Zone Settings?

1. In the Rachio app, select the Yard tab.

Rachio Yard tab with zones and zone information

2. Select the zone you'd like to learn more about. These are your zone details.


What can I learn about my zones?

General Details: The top of the Zone Details screen lists the zone name, water flow, last and future run, and whether the zone is enabled or not. You can also edit any zone details by clicking the "Edit" button in this section.

Soil Moisture: Get a simple view of your zone's estimated soil moisture, or go more in-depth by clicking into the Soil Moisture details screen. Here you'll be able to see the soil moisture tab, manually adjust the soil moisture, and click to view more detail such as the Crop Evapotranspiration, Current Moisture Balance, and Precipitation.


Schedules: Here you can see a list of the schedules that the selected zone is in.

Data Usage: You can now easily see your usage by zone - both daily and monthly. Use the left arrow to view previous months.

Quick Run: Users also have the ability to use the Quick Run feature from this screen.

Zones_ZoneDetail1.jpg Zones_ZoneDetail2.jpg

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