How do I factory reset my controller (Rachio 3)?



By performing a factory reset, you will delete all data from your controller, including zone settings, schedules, water usage, watering history, etc.

Primary reasons for a Factory Reset

1) Wi-Fi setup error

If you attempted to connect your controller to Wi-Fi via your phone's Wi-Fi settings (i.e. Add Wi-Fi accessory), a factory reset is required to clear the controller's memory before reattempting to connect via the Rachio app.

2) Changing Owners

If your Rachio controller is changing hands (selling, moving, transferring from installer account, etc.), perform a Factory Reset to clear all data and ensure a smooth transfer to the new owner. If you received or purchased a used controller, it will need to be deleted from the 1st owner's Rachio account before it can be added to your Rachio account.

Controller Offline? Get a new router?

You may just need to update your Wi-Fi Settings? Perform a Wi-Fi Reset


If you are trying to factory reset a Rachio Generation 1, please click here

How To Factory Reset A Rachio 3 Controller

1. Hold down the Stop button on the controller until the light bar fully illuminates. At this point, the Rachio 3 will flash a blue light to indicate success.
2. The device will then shut down, which is indicated by the white light bar shrinking into the middle. During the reboot, the first quadrant light will be flashing.
3. Once the first quadrant light is solid and the second quadrant light is blinking, you are ready to reconnect to Wi-Fi.


If you need help reconnecting to Wi-Fi after a factory reset, please click here.

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