Notifications - Rachio Wireless Flow Meters and wired flow meters

What are flow notifications?

If you have a wired flow meter or Rachio Wireless Flow Meter installed with your Rachio controller, you can receive notifications to alert you of potential problems with your system.

Notifications can appear as push notifications, emails, in-app notifications, and events within the History feed.


Some notifications are exclusive to Rachio Wireless Flow Meter and will not appear with wired flow meters. See below for details.   

Why are flow notifications important?

Notifications should be rare, but they are essential for alerting you to expensive or damaging issues related to flow rates or leaks. As a user, you cannot turn off notifications, as they are an essential piece of the flow monitoring process and crucial in alerting you if something is wrong. If you find that notifications are too frequent, you may adjust your thresholds to decrease your flow meter’s sensitivity.

What types of flow notifications may I receive?

There are several types of notifications. Some, like a high-flow leak, may require immediate attention.

Types of notifications: 

  • High-flow leak with auto shut-off

    High flow leak detected with auto shut off

  • High-flow leak without auto shut-off

    High flow leak detected

  • Low flow


  • Battery low (available only for Rachio Wireless Flow Meter) 
  • Flow meter connection lost (available only for Rachio Wireless Flow Meter) 
  • Flow meter reconnected (available only for Rachio Wireless Flow Meter) 
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