Rachio 3 Manual Controls

What Are Manual Controls? 

The manual controls on the Rachio 3 are buttons that allow you to run your sprinkler system directly from your controller.
With manual controls, you can choose a zone and run it for a default amount of time, straight from the device. The Rachio 3 has a 4-way button which allows you to choose a zone and then start, stop, and pause watering. 

Running a Zone

In order to run a zone directly from the Rachio, simply click on the "Next Zone" button until you reach the zone you wish to run, and then press the "Play" button. This will run the selected zone for 3 minutes. At this point you can pause the run, stop the run entirely, skip to the next zone, or move back a zone by using the "Previous Zone" button.

What does it look like when you operate the manual controls? 

  • Select a zone - a white light on the light bar will indicate the selected zone
  • Run a zone - the light bar will go dark and active zone will pulse blue
  • Pause a zone - a white light will scan across the light bar
  • Skip (or go back) a zone - the selected zone will show a white light and run for 3 minutes
  • Stop a run - a blue confirmation light will show and the device will go back to idle.
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