Rachio 3 Quick Start Guide

Getting started with Rachio 3 

Already have your Rachio 3? Thinking about purchasing, but want to know what to expect? The video and step-by-step guides below will have you up and running in no time! 


Upgrading from an already-installed Generation 2 controller to a Rachio 3? The app allows you to transfer your settings during onboarding, saving you even more time. The mounting holes are also the same, so no need to re-measure!

Easy to install? You bet!

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller has streamlined hardware for quick and easy installation. Our new easy-press connectors accommodate 14 & 18 gauge wire, making Rachio 3 installation a breeze compared to other controllers on the market. Mount and connect to Wi-Fi in 15 minutes or less, with no special tools or expertise required! The Rachio app provides guided installation every step of the way.

Installing outdoors?

To install outdoors, you'll need an Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure. Go here for details and specific instructions on installing outside.

The steps are simple:

  1. Replace your old controller
  2. Plug in the existing wires
  3. Complete the setup within the free Rachio app

Video Guides

See how easy it is to get your Rachio 3 up and running:

Ready to explore the Rachio app? Check out the Wi-Fi & app setup video below to learn how to connect your smart controller and create the best schedule for your yard:

Step-by-Step Instructions 

    1. Remove old controller

      Test your old system to ensure everything works properly. See any leaks or other issues? Fix them if possible, or make a note to contact your irrigation professional for help. Photograph the wiring inside your existing controller to reference during installation. Remove your old controller from the wall.

    2. Mark screw locations

      Use the Mounting Template at the end of your installation guide to mark where you want to install your Rachio 3. For drywall installation, drill holes at the marked locations for the anchors. Use a 3/16 inch bit to drill through the drywall, then use a hammer to gently tap each anchor into place. 

      Remove the Rachio 3’s magnetic faceplate. Mount your new controller by screwing it onto the wall using the provided screws.

    3. Connect your wires

      While referencing the photo of your previous wiring, insert the wires into the appropriate terminals. Things not matching up? Visit rachio.com/wiring for tips on advanced wiring.

    4. Power it up

      Insert the power connector upward into the power jack located at the bottom right of the wiring bay. Plug the power adapter into the outlet.

    5. Create an account

      Find the Rachio app on the Apple App Store, on Google Play, or by visiting rachio.com/download. Once the app is installed, create your account.

    6. Connect to Wi-Fi

      Open the Rachio app and select "Add Controller." The app will guide you through this process. 

      Once your controller is online, the light bar will pulse blue. You can now replace the magnetic faceplate.

    7. Complete setup on the app

      Now that the controller is online, use the Rachio app to customize your zones and create a schedule. 

Other Resources

Want help installing your controller? Complete the form below to be connected with a local Rachio Pro!

Download the PDF 

Awaiting your Rachio 3 delivery? Want a sneak peak of the installation guide? Click here

Want to learn more? 

Check out rachio.com/more for tips and tricks on smarter watering, smart home integrations, and more! 

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