Direct Access for Rachio Professional Partners

What is Direct Access?

Direct Access is a feature designed for Rachio professional partners. This feature should only be activated if you are an irrigation or building professional trying to connect or configure a new controller without Wi-Fi.

Direct Access allows professionals to add new schedules to meet landscaper needs and is not intended for homeowner use.


Direct Access is only available for Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controllers.


Direct Access requires a cellular data connection, so be sure to enable it before starting.

How can I use Direct Access?

Video Overview - English

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Direct Access can be found from the Rachio app login screen - simply select "Access Without Wi-Fi" and follow additional prompts.


  1. Scan the barcode

    Scan the barcode of the controller you would like to manage. You may enter the serial number manually as well, if you wish.


  2. Push the Wi-Fi button

    Once the barcode has been successfully scanned, hit the Wi-Fi button on the controller with a short, single press to create a Rachio hot spot.


  3. View, edit, start, & stop

    You can now view, edit, start, and stop schedules on the selected controller.


  4. Grow in Schedule - This schedule will help with the grow in period for new turf, plants, and trees. This schedule requires an end date. Once this end date has passed, the persistent schedule will start running. 

    To begin with Grow in Schedule, follow these steps: 

    Start by selecting your durations desired on a per-zone basis each time the schedule is set to run.  

    Next, select the run times desired on a per-zone basis.  You may select up to 6 different run times.

  5. Persistent Schedule - These schedules are similar to “Grow in Schedules”, but do not have an end date. Be sure to set the start date on the same day as the “Grow in Schedules” end date. This schedule will stop once the user onboards the controller.
  6. Correctly disconnect & close out

    When finished, click the “Done or X” button at the top right corner of the screen and then tap the Wi-Fi button on the controller to disconnect from the Rachio hot spot.


  7. Import/Export Features Are you working on homes that all have similar zone setups and require the same schedules?

    For iOS:

    Go to your settings and make sure that iCloud is toggle/turned “on” for Rachio. 

    Return to the Rachio App and create a Direct Access schedule (Grow in or persistent) by following the steps above. Before completing the setup of the schedule, click on “Export” in the upper left hand corner.
  8.  Image_from_iOS__4_.png
    This will allow you to save this schedule to your iCloud to use for future controller setups.
  9. Import a Previously Saved Schedule:

    Select a Grow In or Persistant Schedule, then click on “import” in the upper left hand corner.

    You will then be able to choose which schedule you would like to import from your iCloud Drive. 

    *Based on when you saved these schedules, the dates of the schedule might be in the past. Be sure to check the dates and adjust accordingly!

    For Android: You will NOT need to adjust your phone settings. Instead, just follow the process outlined above and save your schedules to your desired storage app


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