Delay Between Zones - How to include a well in your irrigation setup

I have a well - how can I configure my controller?

If you have a well and wish to include it in your Rachio irrigation setup, you're in luck! Our new Delay Between Zones feature (available in version 3.2 and later of the Rachio app) now allows you to do just that.  


Use this feature only if your system setup includes a well or pump.

To activate the Delay Between Zones feature, you must enable a well or pump start relay within your controller settings. 

Step by Step Walkthrough

  1. Launch the app

    From the navigation bar within the Rachio app, select the "More" tab.

  2. Navigate

    Select "Controller Settings" and then "Advanced Wiring (M Terminal)".

  3. Reconfigure

    Your controller will select "Neither" by default. Change your selection to "Well or Pump Start Relay" and wait a couple seconds for the controller to reconfigure. 

    Advanced Wiring - Well or Pump Start Relay

  4. Confirm

    To confirm this feature has been activated, return to "Controller Settings" and verify that "Well or Pump Start Relay" is listed underneath "Advanced Wiring (M Terminal)".

  5. Activated!

    You're all set! After following the steps above, the Delay Between Zones feature is enabled in the Cycle and Soak section of a schedule. 



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