Account Changes after Software Update

Possible Account Changes

Things seem different after the move to our latest app? Read on below to see how changes may have impacted your account. 

  • Smart Cycle
    Smart Cycle, our cycle and soak feature, has been enhanced to be smarter than ever! Due to these changes, you may notice that Smart Cycle is working differently on your schedules - specifically schedules that include drip zones and turf zones. Previously, if there were any drip zones in a schedule, Smart Cycle would not be applied to any zones in the schedule (even turf zones), even if it was enabled. Now, Smart Cycle can be applied to just the turf zones in a schedule, even if there are also drip zones in the same schedule. This means that you may begin to see Smart Cycle applied to your schedules when it wasn't previously. While we encourage you leave Smart Cycle enabled to prevent any run off, this feature can be disabled in your Schedule settings.
  • Custom Nozzles
    Rachio has retired custom nozzles and now allows users to set the precipitation rate in the advanced settings of a zone! Zones which previously used custom nozzles have had their custom nozzle precipitation rate(s) transferred to the advanced zone settings.
  • Usage 
    Rachio now defaults to reporting water usage in minutes used/saved to provide more accurate measurements for users. Want to switch to estimated gallons used/saved? Reference this article for instructions on switching to estimated gallons or downloading your historical data.  
  • Weather Intelligence
    Weather Intelligence is now configured at a global level, rather than schedule by schedule, making it easier to adjust and refine for your landscape! If you previously had differing thresholds on Rain Skip or Freeze Skip, we have defaulted the new global setting to the most sensitive setting you had previously (i.e. the lowest Rain Skip threshold or the highest Freeze Skip threshold).
  • Shared Access
    If you have you shared access with family, friends, or irrigation professionals in the past, Rachio has got you covered! This connection will be carried over into the upgraded software. Heads up - once you upgrade, you will only see shared controllers once they have been upgraded as well. This also means that those you have shared with will not be able to see your controller until they have upgraded their app. 


Your Rachio app should update automatically. Automatic updates not enabled? For iOS, open the Apple App Store, look for the Rachio app,  and click “Update”. For Android, open the Google Play Store, select “My apps and games” from the side menu, look for the Rachio app, and click “Update”.


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