Water Usage and Water Savings


Rachio helps you track the amount of water your sprinklers apply so that you can gain insight into your savings and plant health. In this article, you will see how Rachio tracks water usage and how to manage this feature.


Water usage in gallons used/gallons saved is back!

How do I view my water usage and water savings?

Want to see how much water your yard used? From the "More" tab on the Rachio app, tap on "Usage" to view your monthly water usage.  


Scroll down to see more usage details. You can also use the arrows to view water usage from previous months!


Does your water usage look higher than normal after your controller has been offline?

If your controller comes back online after an extended period of time, the water usage displayed in your history may be much higher than expected. No need to be alarmed! This is because the controller aggregates all of the cached watering events that took place while the controller was offline and reports them at one time; your controller is still watering normally.

Want to double-check your water usage? You can view or download your historical usage here.

Can I see water usage in gallons? 

Rachio can now display water usage in both gallons used/saved and time used/saved. We recommend sticking with the default usage setting, which reports in watering time used/saved, for the most accurate readings (usage in time reports actual usage; usage in gallons reports only estimated usage).

Want to switch your usage view to gallons used/saved? In the Rachio app, select the "More" tab and tap on "Account".  Select then "Usage Units" and your preferred units ("Time" or "Estimated Gallons*").   


The "Estimated Gallons" value is calculated from your zone area and nozzle precipitation rate. We recommend selecting "Time" if these settings are not correctly configured. This value will be replaced with actual usage if a flow sensor or a Rachio Wireless Flow Meter is enabled on your controller.

Water Usage and Rachio Wireless Flow Meter

If your system includes a Rachio Wireless Flow Meter or other supported flow sensor, your usage will default to gallons used/saved. This is because flow meters measure actual gallons used/saved and therefore deliver more accurate accounting of water usage. For a list of supported flow sensors, click here

Can I see or download my historical water usage?

You're able view historical water usage in two ways - under "Usage" on the "More" tab in the app, and on the Rachio web app. The Rachio web app allows you to download a CSV file of all historical water use in both time and volume (gallons or liters). To access your historical water usage on the web app, do the following:

  1. Login to the web app and scroll down to the USAGE chart:
  2. Click on the DOWNLOAD link, then check your download folder for a file named water_usage_and_savings.csv. The download, will present the following data:
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