SoCal WaterSmart

What is the SoCal WaterSmart/Rachio program?

If you have a water account with any of the following water utilities from SoCal WaterSmart, you are eligible for a FREE Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller!

  • El Toro Water District
  • Huntington Beach Water District
  • Irvine Ranch Water District
  • Moulton Niguel Water District
  • Mesa Consolidated Water District
  • San Clemente Water District

Rachio is a water, time, and money saving sprinkler controller that gives you access to sprinkler system settings and information at your fingertips. Check on and run your sprinklers from anywhere in the world on your cell phone (or our web app). Rachio is so intelligent that it skips waterings when you have plenty of moisture in your soil. It automates the amount of water your vegetation needs to stay healthy and green, and can even save your home from a spreading fire with integrations from other companies such as Nest!

SoCal WaterSmart Program

What can be expected when my controller comes?

A water auditor will come to your home to review your sprinkler system from end-to-end and give you feedback on how you can setup the Rachio controller in each zone to save the most money while still giving you the best water for each. 

They'll note the heads you have and how they are laid out, your precipitation rates, soil types, plant types, etc. They identify and quantify unaccountable water losses and possible leaks. They may even provide you with a road map of potential savings, as well as implementation costs down the road if you want to change anything about your system. 

Each user will receive a 16 zone controller (the largest option we have) that will be hand delivered by the water auditor the day of the scheduled audit. The Rachio controller will be the new brains behind your pre-existing irrigation system. In short, you will be replacing your current controller with a much smarter one! (Note that this will NOT include installation of any piping, sprinkler heads, hoses, or additional wiring).

Do I pay for anything?

You have the rare opportunity of receiving a FREE Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller (which includes software, as well as web and mobile apps) with no monthly or annual fees to worry about! You will receive an instant rebate by filling out a form and giving all the necessary information (copy of water bill) to the water auditor upon arrival. If you would prefer a professional installation of the controller itself, please see below.

Where can I schedule a water audit and professional installation?

You can schedule an appointment to have your Rachio controller delivered along with your free sprinkler system audit, by using the link below. You may also choose to purchase an optional professional installation ($199) of your new Rachio smart sprinkler controller here as well.

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