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History has moved to a new location in the Rachio app! If you are looking for your History feed and past watering events, these have been relocated to the "More" tab. Just click "More" from the home screen in the Rachio app, then tap "History" from the list.

What is the History feed?

The History feed is where you will be able to find all the historical information on your Rachio system, including updates and changes. Want to check or double-check that your Rachio watered? The History feed includes this and other events all in one place! 


Did you recently upgrade to the latest version of our app? No sweat - you will be able to view the last 100 watering history events from the previous version, as well as all history events from here on out!

What's included?


Within the History feed, you can see several types of updates all in one conveniently consolidated tab:

  • Watering history
  • Weather Intelligence skips
  • Seasonal Shift updates
  • Manual watering skips and any skip cancellations 
  • Schedule updates (Schedule Started, Schedule Paused, etc.)
  • Controller updates 
  • Limited and Complete Access shares, and more!  


Going on vacation or out of town for an extended period of time? You can monitor your yard's watering from anywhere by checking the History tab!

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