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Wind Skip is a Rachio Weather Intelligence feature that prevents waste by not watering when wind speeds are too high. This is because strong winds are likely to disperse the water intended for your plants and leave your vegetation thirsty.

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Wind Skip FAQ 

How does this check work? 

If high wind speeds are expected to exceed your predetermined threshold at your scheduled start time, your schedule will be skipped.

How do I adjust my Wind Skip?

As a Weather Intelligence feature, Wind Skip can be edited from the Weather Intelligence tab. Any changes to your Wind Skip threshold are global, meaning that edits to this threshold will be made across all your schedules in just a couple of steps. 


  1. "More" tab
    In the Rachio app, find the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen and select the "More" tab.


  2. Wind Skip

    Select "Controller Settings", "Weather Intelligence" and then scroll down to "Wind Skip."


  3. Edit Wind Skip

    To edit the Wind Skip threshold, click the speed (or the arrow next to it).


  4. Choose speed

    Choose the speed at which you would like your schedules to skip waterings.

What are my options for Wind Skip threshold?

The default threshold is 20 MPH. Threshold options range from 5 to 40 miles per hour.


Want to change your speed units from miles per hour to kilometers per hour? From the "More" tab, select "Account" and then "Measurement Units" to go from U.S. Standard units (MPH) to Metric units (KPH).

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