What are Fixed Schedules?

This schedule type allows you to select which days you wish to water. Whether you have some watering restrictions or none at all, a Fixed Schedule will only run on the days or intervals you set (no matter what). If you have your schedule set to run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, it's going to always run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If the schedule gets skipped on Monday, the next run time will still be Wednesday. 

When is a Fixed Schedule a good choice for my lawn? 

A Fixed Schedule can be ideal for a user who wants the most manual control over their Rachio (similar to an older non-smart controller), or for a user who has more than 3 restricted days a week. Weather Intelligence features such as Saturation Skip, Rain Skip, and Freeze Skip are still supported with Fixed Schedules. 


This is different than our Flex Monthly Schedule, which creates a schedule for you at the beginning of each month based on seasonality and historical data. These could run your schedule on any day it decides (with restrictions not supported).

Mobile App Example:


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