San Antonio Water System Program FAQ

Program Closed

This limited-time program is currently closed. Want to be updated if the program opens again? Join the waitlist here!

Special offer for approved San Antonio residents

Are you a resident of the city of San Antonio? For a limited time only, receive a $279+ value Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and $169+ value Wireless Flow Meter package with purchase of discounted installation (normally $500). This $900+ value offer is available to approved San Antonio residents for just $99.

What is the SAWS program?

In partnership with San Antonio Water System, this limited-time program encourages homeowners to maximize watering efficiency and leak detection with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and Rachio Wireless Flow Meter. The complete Rachio Smart Water System is free to you with purchase of a discounted $99 professional installation (a $900+ value!).

Am I Eligible?

If you received an email from San Antonio Water System (SAWS) that you are eligible for a Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and Wireless Flow Meter, you're in luck! Read on for details on this special offer.

Rachio 3 with Rachio Wireless Flow Meter and Rachio app

What can you do with the Rachio Smart Water System? 

The Rachio 3 Smart Water System brings together leading smartphone sprinkler control, advanced Weather Intelligence™ Plus, and precise flow monitoring to help nurture a beautiful yard and protect against leaks. 

Offer Details

For approved San Antonio residents only:

  • This limited time offer for a Rachio Smart Water System includes the following – a $979+ value for just $99:
    • Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller ($279.99 value)
    • Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure, for outdoor installations ($29.99 value)
    • Rachio Wireless Flow Meter ($119.99 value)
    • Required Flow Meter pipe fittings ($49.99 value)
    • Professional installation completed by Rachio-trained professional (a $500 value for just $99)
  • There is a very limited quantity of free Smart Water Systems and discounted professional installations available; claim yours before they're gone!

Product Details

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller raises the smart watering bar with easy installation, dual-band Wi-Fi and an expressive light bar. Rachio 3 is the only controller equipped with hyperlocal Weather Intelligence™ Plus and Rachio Wireless Flow Meter compatibility. 

Wireless Flow Meter

Rachio Wireless Flow Meter technology monitors outdoor water-use, halts costly leaks and protects your landscape from damage. The Flow Meter pairs seamlessly with Rachio 3 and the Rachio App to uncover patterns or problems in the pipes below. It detects leaks with highly-accurate Vortex technology and instantly alerts at the first sign of trouble. 


What if I have more than 16 sprinkler zones?

  • If your property has more than 16 sprinkler zones, you’re unfortunately not eligible at this time.

How will I receive my Rachio products?

  • We’ve partnered with Andy’s and ARS, locally Rachio-trained companies, to provide professional installation. Our installation partners will provide the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler controller, optional weatherproof outdoor enclosure, Wireless Flow Meter, and required flow meter fittings at your installation appointment.

Can I install the Rachio 3 controller or Wireless Flow Meter myself?

Is this my only chance to claim this offer?

  • This offer is only available for a limited time, while supplies last. Once all offers have been redeemed, you can choose to sign up for our waiting list to be notified if the program reopens.

Who will be installing my Rachio products?

  • We’ve partnered with Andy’s and ARS, locally Rachio-trained companies, to provide professional installation. To preview the installation steps, go here or check out the installation resources listed above.

What is the warranty? 

When installed professionally through the SAWS program, the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler is eligible for an extended four-year warranty and the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter is eligible for a two-year warranty. For more information on the Rachio warranty policy, go here

Is this a legitimate program?

  • Yes, this is a legitimate partnership between Rachio and San Antonio Water System (SAWS). For details, you can see more at

What are the program eligibility requirements?

  • Eligible customers are required to meet and comply with certain criteria in order to participate in the program. San Antonio Water System will confirm eligibility based on the following conditions, and as otherwise determined by SAWS, to preserve the safe operation of SAWS water system and system components.
  • Applicants must:
    • be single-family residential Utilities’ water customers and cannot have received an irrigation controller rebate from Utilities in the last five (5) years;
    • maintain a valid SAWS account in good financial standing;
    • be a homeowner and resident at the premise associated with the utility account;
    • have an existing, functioning in-ground irrigation system containing 16 zones or less (not a weather-based controller) installed at the property;
    • purchase professional installation of the Smart Water System through Rachio;
    • be present during the installation; and
    • receive training from the installation contractor, and consent to a post-installation verification, if requested by Utilities.
    • be a United States citizen OR lawfully present in the United States
  • This offer is non-transferrable. Read the CUSTOMER PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT here. 

Need to reschedule or cancel your appointment? 

You can reschedule your appointment within your confirmation email. Locate the appointment time within the email, then select "Cancel/Reschedule" and follow the instructions. 



You may need to enter your receipt number or other information from your Rachio receipt (shown below).k


Additional Questions

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