Water Audit FAQ

SoCal Instant Rebate Program

Select zip codes in Southern California are eligible for an Instant Rebate for a Rachio controller through Socal Water$mart; a $250 value! Most users see water savings in their water bills between 20-50%. This is possible by leveraging watering science and weather date to your advantage.

In an effort to ensure you're able to fully leverage Rachio's watering science, we're including a FREE water audit with every controller; a $139 value in addition to the controller. Lawns are often a household’s largest water consumer. But by making sure your sprinkler system is running efficiently, and only giving your lawn what it needs, you can have a green, healthy lawn while cutting down on your water use. 

The main parts of a basic water audit for homes and small commercial landscapes are:

  1. Determining the soil type of your lawn,
  2. Identifying the vegetation type(s) in your landscape,
  3. Identifying the nozzle type(s) for each zone,
  4. Estimating the precipitation rates (the amount of water used) in each zone, and
  5. Visually inspecting your system while it is running to check for any obvious problem areas (too much or too little water being delivered, sprinkler heads spraying in the wrong direction, sprinklers that won't pop up, etc.) and recommending repairs.

In many ways, a water audit is similar to a car tune-up. Small adjustments can go a long ways for both your lawn and wallet! A water audit provides the opportunity to evaluate and improve the reliability and efficiency of your irrigation system.

How do I schedule or change my Water Audit appointment?

You can reschedule and cancel your Water Audit by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment link in your confirmation email.





If you need help, please email rebates@rachio.com and we'd be happy to assist.

DIY Water Audit

Not in Southern California, but want to do your own Water Audit? Check out the Lawn Irrigation Self Audit (LISA), designed by CSU Horticulture and Water Resource experts.

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