Amber WiFi Light (Generation 1)

Amber Light = No Wi-Fi settings

No Wi-Fi Settings

Amber Off Amber Off Amber Off

The Rachio Gen 1 hasn't received a signal from your smartphone yet.

Tips & Tricks

Here are few things to take a look at:

  • Make sure you're seeing a countdown in the app on your smartphone indicating the the BlinkUp process is beginning.
  • Once the countdown starts, make sure you have turned your smartphone screen to sit flush against the photosensor in the lower left hand corner of the Rachio. We recommend turning your screen brightness all the way up, with auto brightness turned off. You can also attempt BlinkUp with your phone screen about 1/4" off the surface of the photosensor.
  • During the BlinkUp process, the "Wi-Fi" light should stop blinking, then blink green quickly at the end of the BlinkUp process if successful. If you do not see a quick green flash, the Gen 1 did not capture the BlinkUp code from your smart phone or tablet and you'll need to reattempt the BlinkUp process.

Experiencing a Different Light Code?

Click here to return to the list of Gen 1 light codes.

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