Red WiFi, 1 long & 3 short (Generation 1)

Red, 1 Long & 3 Short = Joining WiFi Network

Stuck here? This indicates difficulty joining your network.

Tips & Tricks

Here are few things to take a look at:

  • Is your controller offline? Our new in-app help tool makes Wi-Fi troubleshooting a breeze! Tap the red "Offline" banner at the top of the Home screen for automatic troubleshooting help. Follow the prompts in the app to identify what's wrong and how to quickly fix it.

    offline troubleshooting with Rachio in app help

  • Check that your network password is entered correctly
  • Ensure you do not have a "Blended (2.4 & 5Ghz) Network" sharing an SSID's (network name)
  • Check items from Offline Troubleshooting article
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