How do I BlinkUp My Controller? (Generation 1)

Rachio BlinkUp Tips & Tricks


What is BlinkUp?

Simply put, BlinkUp is a process used to transmit your wireless network's SSID (name) and encryption key (password) to your controller via light. BlinkUp transmits the information to the controller optically by rapidly flashing a mobile device’s screen between maximum and minimum brightness at a fixed rate. A photosensor on the controller reads the data and uses it first to (1) connect the controller to your Wi-Fi network, then (2) seek authorization to access Rachio's cloud servers.

BlinkUp Video

Are you a visual learner? Check out this video! (For BlinkUp tips, see 2:00 - 3:20) 

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Step by Step Instructions

1) Double check the lights on your controller; it is ready for Wi-Fi setup when the Wi-Fi LED is flashing (amber or red). If it is not flashing, power cycle the controller.
2) Connect your smartphone or tablet to the desired Wi-Fi network you'll be using with the Rachio controller.
  • Note: The Wi-Fi network you are using with the Rachio must be running on 2.4 GHz or dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz). Separated bands are recommended, while "blended" (2.4 / 5 GHz) networks are not recommended.
3) Download the Rachio app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.
4) Open the Rachio app and register for an account; requires name, email address, username and password.

5) Rachio app prompts you to Add a Device > tap to continue. Select the generation of controller you have. Generation 2 owners, please refer to this link.

6) From here you will need to name your controller, put in your zip code and toggle the Master Valve/Pump option. Once this has been completed, select Continue.

Name / Zip / MV toggle

7) Confirm the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect your controller to.
  • Network must be running on 2.4 GHz or dual band. Separated bands are recommended, while "blended" (2.4 / 5 GHz) networks are not recommended.


NOTE: If your network doesn't automatically populate, make sure to click "Update Network". Once your appropriate Network Name has populated, select "Next".
8) The app will present a warning before commencing BlinkUp.

BU WarningMsg

CAUTION: The BlinkUp process uses flashing light patterns. Some individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to flashing lights. If you have an epileptic condition, please get someone else to BlinkUp your device.
9) During the on-screen countdown, place your phone screen over the controller's lower left corner during BlinkUp. We recommend performing BlinkUp away from direct light sources as these can interfere. 

BU Step Four

NOTE: During BlinkUp process, the controller's Wi-Fi LED should stop flashing while the controller's photosensor is reading the light code. Once BlinkUp is complete, the Wi-Fi LED should briefly flash green, then display a light code. Please reference this support article for definitions of different light codes.

BU Congrats!

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BlinkUp Tips

Every phone has unique screen, battery and other performance settings that can interfere with the BlinkUp process. Factors such as the number and kind of concurrently running apps, operating system settings, and the use of unauthorized software hacks may hinder the performance of BlinkUp. Compatibility has been verified using unmodified, as-shipped versions of the Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Recommended tips by operating system below:

  • iOS (Apple)
  • Android - NOTE: BlinkUp is not supported by any device running Android version 2.3.6 or earlier
BlinkUp Failed?

If you are having problems configuring a controller, attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Screen brightness is not set to Auto AND set to maximum
  • Disable any Power Saving Mode
  • Check the serial number
    • BlinkUp has been continuously improved. If you are unable to get BlinkUp to work with your Android device this is typically because the controller is running an older version of the OS. If you can borrow an iOS device to connect the controller to Wi-Fi, when it connects it will update its OS automatically and improve Android BlinkUp compatibility. This particularly applies to Generation 1 controller's with serial number's starting with V14 XXXXXX.

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