Generation 1 Quick Start Guide


Already have your Generation 1? The video and step-by-step guides below will have you up and running in no time! 

Generation 1 Controller Installation Steps & Tips 

Video Guides

Watch these videos for step-by-step instructions on installing your Generation 1 Smart Sprinkler Controller and further tips and tricks on how to set up the Rachio app with your controller!

Hardware Installation

App Setup 


  1. Test your system
    Confirm each zone's functionality with your current controller prior to installing the Rachio controller. Find and repair any irrigation issues prior to installing your Rachio.

  2. Check W-Fi signal
    Check the signal strength at the location of your controller. We recommend a signal of at least 2 bars on your phone.

  3. Unplug the power
    Disconnect power from your old controller.

  4. Take a picture
    Photos of your current wiring are important for reference when you are wiring the Rachio

  5. Remove your old controller
    It's time for smart watering, with Rachio!  


  1. Anchor to Wall
    Install the Rachio Wall Mount to the wall using the two screws included.

  2. Wire it Up
    Reconnect the wires to the Wall Mount terminals.

    Required Wiring
    Common Wires: Insert into either white terminal slot. If you have more than one common wire, we suggest entering one in each common slot (left and right).
    Zone Wires: Install in the green terminal slots.
    Master/Pump Valve Wire (if present): Install in the blue terminal slot, and enable in Advanced Settings within the app.

    Click wiring label for more WIRING TIPS



Wi-Fi credentials are required for this step

  1. Download the Rachio app.

  2. Create a Rachio account.

Connect the controller to Wi-Fi via the app.

Steps for Blinkup:
  • Make sure the Rachio is powered on.
  • The Wi-Fi light should be blinking amber or red. If your Wi-Fi light is not blinking, please power cycle your controller.
  • Ensure your smartphone/tablet is connected to a 2.4GHz or dual band network . Rachio cannot connect to a dedicated 5GHz network, and blended networks are not recommended .
  • Once the countdown begins, position screen face down and flush against the photosensor. Leave your phone there while the screen is blinking. This should take approximately 10-15 seconds.
  • Once connected, the Wi-Fi light will blink green for one hour. After one hour, the Wi-Fi light will go gray (turn off).
Tips for Connecting:
  • Turn auto brightness all the way up on your smartphone/tablet.
  • > Hold your smartphone/tablet as still as possible during BlinkUp
  • If you are in a brightly lit area, ambient light may impede the Blinkup process. We suggest a dark room.



Rachio needs to know a little about your landscape in order to recommend accurate watering schedules

  1. Set up your zones
    You can configure each zone’s vegetation, soil, shade, nozzle, and slope types.
  2. Create watering schedules
    Choose from 4 schedule types; Rachio will recommend an optimal watering schedule based upon the zone attributes selected. 


  1. Run Zones
    Use the Remote
    to run any zone on-demand.

  2. Run Schedules
    Click on a Schedule
    (Edit screen) to run it on command.

  3. Share Access with others
    Complete Access
    (default sharing setting in the mobile app)
    Limited Access
    (accessible via the web app only)


  1. Blinkup
    There will be a short green flash at the end of the blinkup, this indicates that your Rachio is responding to the signal codes that are being sent. No short green flash? Please reattempt blinkup. 

    If blinkup fails more than twice, power cycle your Rachio and your smartphone/tablet. 

    Wi-Fi light not blinking green flash after blinkup? Take note of the Wi-Fi light code and cross-reference the error against the Light Codes found HERE

  2. Master Valve
    Do you have a master valve, but forgot to enable it? No sweat, it's an easy fix! Refer to Advanced Wiring for instructions.

  3. Pump Valve
    Your Rachio is designed to operate a pump start relay. Please reference Advanced Wiring AND the user manual for your pump start relay for wiring instructions.

  4. Not Running
    When the Rachio is watering, the status light should be lit blue. If the status light is not blue, double-check that the valve in question is wired to the wall mount correctly.

    Assuming the wiring is correct, double-check to make sure that your sprinkler valves have 24V AC solenoids.

Want a paper copy of the Quick Start Guide?

We understand sometimes things are easier to read on paper. Download & print a copy of the Quick Start Guide here: Rachio Controller, Generation 1

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