Wiring Label (Generation 1)

Not sure how to wire your controller? No sweat.

The Rachio controller, Generation 1 is designed to accommodate one sensors, a master valve or pump relay, and up to 8 or 16 zones pending the model. If you're having trouble reading the terminal labels, please reference the wiring guide below:



White Common (use any or all)
Green Zone # (reference old timer wiring)
Blue Master Valve or Pump Relay; see Advanced Wiring
Yellow Sensor (Rain)


Tips for Wiring:

  • 24VAC and ground wires are not needed.
  • An enclosure is required for hard wiring installations and/or outdoor installation.
  • When inserting or releasing wires, push IN on terminal block with a small screwdriver. This will ensure a solid connection.
  • Solid 18 gauge single-strand copper wiring is ideal. If you have thicker gauge wires we recommend retrofitting with 18 gauge wires using a terminal strip.
  • Keep all wiring within the recessed triangular area of the Wall Mount. This ensures the Front Panel will properly attach.
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