Light Codes (Gen 1)

Light Colors

The following guide should help you identify the LED light codes indicated by your the Wi-Fi light on your Gen 1 Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.


The color of your Wi-Fi light is likely to change frequently during BlinkUp. After performing BlinkUp, allow at least a minute for the code to resolve, then check color (below)

Expected Behavior

  1. NO Light - Seeing BlinkUp
    Your Gen 1 is receiving BlinkUp instructions.
  2. AMBER Light - No Wi-Fi settings are associated with the Rachio
    Your Gen 1 is ready for its first* BlinkUp!
  3. Green LightNo Issues, good to go!
    Your Gen 1 has successfully connected!
  4. BLUE Light - Rachio is running
  5. When the Rachio is watering, the status light should be lit blue. If the status light is not blue, double check that the valve in question is wired to the wall mount correctly.

Troubleshooting Required

  1. Red Light - Local Network Issue
    Your Gen 1 is having trouble finding the right Network / Password combination.
  2. Red & Amber Combo Light - Security Settings Issue
    Your Gen 1 is determining its connection path.


The Wi-Fi light turns off one hour after BlinkUp, and remains off except for special circumstances (see above). This is normal operation, and no cause for concern.

*The AMBER (No Wi-Fi Settings) light code will not return if the unit has received BlinkUp instructions.
This is a one-time code for the Gen 1 Rachio, generally seen only upon first setup.

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