Light Codes (Gen 1)

Light Colors

The following guide should help you identify the LED light codes indicated by your the Wi-Fi light on your Gen 1 Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.


The color of your Wi-Fi light is likely to change frequently during BlinkUp. After performing BlinkUp, allow at least a minute for the code to resolve, then check color (below)

Expected Behavior

  1. NO Light - Seeing BlinkUp
    Your Gen 1 is receiving BlinkUp instructions.
  2. AMBER Light - No Wi-Fi settings are associated with the Rachio
    Your Gen 1 is ready for its first* BlinkUp!
  3. GREEN Light - No Issues, good to go!
    Your Gen 1 has successfully connected!

Troubleshooting Required

  1. RED Light - Local Network Issue
    Your Gen 1 is having trouble finding the right Network / Password combination.
  2. RED & AMBER Combo Light - Security Settings Issue
    Your Gen 1 is determining its connection path.


The Wi-Fi light turns off one hour after BlinkUp, and remains off except for special circumstances (see above). This is normal operation, and no cause for concern.

*The AMBER (No Wi-Fi Settings) light code will not return if the unit has received BlinkUp instructions.
This is a one-time code for the Gen 1 Rachio, generally seen only upon first setup.

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