Why won't one zone turn on? (Gen 1)

Are most of your zones working but not others?

If you are seeing most of your zones working, but one or more aren't working, here are a couple of things to take a look at.


The following troubleshooting steps are specific to the Generation 1 Rachio ONLY

Possible Bad Wiring

When you try to run this zone, are you seeing the Wi-Fi light flashing different colors?  Does the zone only seem to run for a second or two in the app? Try this test out:

  • Leaving the wiring as is, remove the faceplate of the Gen1 from the wall mount, keeping the faceplate plugged in.
  • While the faceplate is still plugged in and removed from the wall mount, test the troublesome zone once again (run it from the app).
  • Do you see the blue status light turn on and the zone run as expected in the app?

If so, this is most likely a wiring issue that is probably shorting out the controller, causing it to reboot and display the changing Wi-Fi light. If you see that, please email us at support@rach.io and attach a picture of your old controller wiring and your new wiring, with the Rachio.

Bent Connector Pin

Once your wall mount is fastened to your wall, be careful attaching the faceplate.  If it feels like you're forcing it on, you may be bending some of the pins on the wallplate. The good news is, if you do bend a pin, they can be bent back gently using a flat head screwdriver. The attachment of the front cover to the wallplate should be a smooth connection. Remember, if it feels like you're forcing it too much, take a step back and check the seating.


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