BlinkUp tips for iOS (Gen 1)

Cannot BlinkUp on iOS?

Please try the steps provided below to complete the BlinkUp process.

1) Disable mobile data. If in doubt, put the phone into Airplane mode and enable Wi-Fi.

2) Have the brightness turned all the way up on your device (auto brightness off).
3) Disable battery saving/low power mode.
4) Have your screen completely flush against the controller with the screen facing down toward the photo sensor.
5) Perform BlinkUp in a dark place where there is no ambient light that could interfere with this process? Feel free to take the front panel into your house as this can help remove ambient light.
6) When you are going through the BlinkUp process (your phone is turned and pressed against the Rachio's photosensor), the Wi-Fi light should stop flashing during BlinkUp. If it doesn't stop blinking, the controller didn't see the BlinkUp code from the phone.
7) When the light first starts flashing again, what color does it flash? The Wi-Fi light should begin flashing green. If is it any other color reference our Wi-Fi Light Color Codes to see what may be occurring.
8) Are you using iOS9? If so, please double check your phone settings to ensure your "screen time out rate" is at least 1 minute. For details, please refer to this support article.
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