How do I update Wi-Fi on my controller? Wi-Fi Reset

New Wi-Fi Network or Equipment?

Why Wi-Fi Reset

If your Wi-Fi network credentials have changed (Name/SSID and/or password), or you setup a new router from the one you had when you first setup your Rachio, we recommend you perform a Wi-Fi Reset. A Wi-Fi Reset will clear the controller's network settings, but not the zone or schedule settings.

How to perform a Wi-Fi Reset

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Video Walkthrough

Wi-Fi Reset Steps - Rachio 3

To perform a Wi-Fi Reset, follow the steps below:

  1. Update Wi-Fi in Rachio app 

    From within the Rachio app, navigate to the “More” tab, then select “Controller Settings.” Select “Update Wi-Fi Network” and then follow along with the app’s instructions.


    In-app instructions will vary slightly for Android users.

  2. Hold down Wi-Fi Button 

    Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the controller until the light bar is fully illuminated. A blue flash will indicate the device has accepted the command.

    Wifi button Rachio 3

    The device will provide the shut down light codes and then restart. (When the controller is shutting down, the light bar will start out fully illuminated with a white light. The light will then shrink down to the middle of the bar. It will continue to provide this code until the controller reboots).
  3. Connect in the app

    When quadrant one is solid and quadrant 2 is blinking, complete the Wi-Fi update process from within the Rachio app. 
    The Rachio app will let you know once the Wi-Fi update is successful.

    Rachio 3 light code quadrants

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