Water Delay and Manual Skip


Rachio lets you skip or delay watering if needed, and provides a couple of options to choose from depending on your scenario. 

Water Delay vs. Manual Skip 

Water Delay

Manual Skip 

Water Delay postpones watering events within a chosen period of time. Recommended for pushing off or delaying a watering for a certain time period (for example, if you don't want to water during a BBQ or open house).  Skip will remove or skip over the next immediate watering event (not multiple watering events). Recommended for skipping a specific schedule run. Can be used to skip watering if you decide your plants have enough water.


Water Delay

If you would like to set up Watering Dlay, this can be done very easily from the "Calendar" tab of your Rachio app.


Enabling Water Delay will not stop any currently-running schedules; only future schedules will be prevented from running while the delay is active.
Additionally, the Water Delay will SKIP the watering schedule(s) while active and does not make it up after the delay expires.

How to Set a Water Delay

  1. Calendar tab

    At the bottom of the "Calendar" tab, you will see "Water Delay". Simply click on this and a graphic will appear.


  2. Choose length.

    Choose the number of days that you would like to delay all watering events.


  3. Check status.

    Once a length of time is selected, the Water Delay bar will appear on your Calendar for the selected days.


  4. Check device updates.

    In the "History" tab, you will see a notification for this when a schedule has been skipped.



Changed your mind and need to cancel a watering delay? Tap "Delay Water" in the Home tab, then select "Resume" to cancel the delay. Once successful, "Delay Watering OFF" will appear in your History feed.  

Manual Skip

If you would like to manually skip a schedule that is due to run, this can be done very easily from the "Home" tab of your Rachio app.

Heads Up!

Manually skipping, then re-enabling a schedule will override any Weather Intelligence checks that would otherwise occur. As a result, skip thresholds may still be met, but the schedule won't skip.

How to Manually Skip A Schedule

  1. Home tab

    When on the Home screen, underneath the calendar, you can see "Last Run" and "Next Run" of your schedules.


  2. Skip This Run

    Click on "Next Run" and find the schedule that you'd like to skip and click the button that says "Skip This Run." Your schedule will now be skipped and will show a new "Run" button. You can hit that button if you'd like to reenable the schedule. 



You cannot manually skip an hourly interval Fixed schedule. You can only skip the next occurring schedule.

If you need to skip schedules for longer than the next schedule, consider Water Delay.

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