How do I update my controller's location or zip code?

Location Settings 

Do you need to update your controller's location after a recent move? You can easily edit information related to your controller's location (such as country, address, city, state, and zip code) in the Rachio app. 

Step by step

  1. "More" tab

    First, navigate to the "More" tab from the navigation bar at the bottom of your Rachio app and then select "Controller Settings."

  2. Location

    From "Controller Settings" select "Location."

    Controller Settings

  3. Edit

    On the "Edit Location" screen, you can change your location information by tapping the fields you would like to update and entering your new information. 

    Rachio Controller Location Settings

  4. Save

    Make sure to save your changes to retain any location updates!


Want Rachio to automatically use your current location? Tap "Use Current Location" and then select "Next." You can further refine your location by dragging or tapping the area of your Rachio's exact location. 

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