Updating Your Wi-Fi Network (Generation 1)


If you change your ISP (Internet Service Provider), router, or update your Wi-Fi name/password, you will need to update your Wi-Fi network within your Rachio App. This way, your controller will remain connected to the internet. This can be done easily by navigating to the More tab, then Controller Settings and then "Update Wi-Fi Network".

Video Guide

Check out our video below for step-by-step instructions on resetting the Wi-Fi on your Generation 1 controller. 

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. From the More tab, select Controller Settings


  2. Click on Update Wi-Fi Network and click "Next". (Make sure that the unit is plugged in and the "Wi-Fi" light is blinking on the face of the Rachio.)

  3. Much like your smartphone device, the Generation 1 Rachio will automatically find known networks. Make sure to select the appropriate (2.4 Ghz optimized) network and click Next. (If the network you are using does not show up, click on "Update Network" and the device will refresh with all known networks.)

  4. After clicking Next you will be prompted to enter your network password. Please note that the password is case sensitive and character sensitive. So if your password has any dashes (-) or any other special characters (examples: +, !, #, *) make sure to enter them.

  5. Once you have entered in your password, click "Next". Where you will be brought to a page that explains the BlinkUp process. Make sure to read through the message to make sure you will be successful with your BlinkUp and click "Connect."

A couple things of note when blinking up:

  • Have the brightness turned all the way up on your device. It's best to turn off "Auto Brightness" in your phone's settings.
  • Have your device screen completely pressed up against the faceplate / photo-sensor with no gap
  • Preferably be in a dark room with little, to no ambient light. Please note you can take the faceplate off and bring it into a darker room if need be.
  • Keep your smart device pushed flush with the face-plate for at least 15 seconds, preferably 20 seconds. This helps ensure that the controller connects, not only to your (local) Wi-Fi network but also to our server.

Make sure that the Wi-Fi light begins blinking green and you have successfully connected. If the lights don't eventually blink green please reference this article to see what color your blinking lights mean.

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