What Weather Station Are You Using For My Property?

You can select what weather station we will pull our weather data from. From the More tab > Controller Settings > Weather Intelligence, you will see the option to click on your weather station and change the selection. 


To receive to the most accurate weather data when using Weather Intelligence on a Generation 1 and or Generation 2 controller, it's important to select a Preferred Weather Station -- if you do not select a "Preferred Weather Station", the closest National Weather Station (NWS) will be used by default to provide weather data for your schedules.


Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controllers (and select special edition Generation 2 Controllers) rely on Weather Intelligence™ Plus which provides hyper local accuracy into the current and projected weather that’s not only in your area, but right outside your door. We do not recommend choosing a PWS or NWS if you're using Weather Intelligence Plus.

Weather Intelligence Plus Weather Intelligence
If you have a Rachio 3 or a Costco model Generation 2, you use Weather Intelligence Plus on your controller. What this means, is that you're getting the most accurate weather scheduling available. We combine data from national weather stations, more than 270,000 personal weather stations, satellite data, radar data, and more to provide hyperlocal forecasting that’s accurate to the location of your controller.

By choosing Weather Network as your Weather Data Source, you're receiving aggregated data from 300,000+ weather stations and other sources for hyperlocal weather. If you choose to use a single Weather Station on Weather Intelligence Plus, there are two main data points covered: Station ID & Distance. Read on to learn more:
  • Station ID

    The Station ID, is a unique identifier or name given to all weather stations. In the Rachio app, it's going to indicate what station we are pulling data from. You will notice that we leave this option toggled off for Personal Weather Stations by default, and will therefore pull data from the closest national weather provider (Station IDs beginning with the letter 'K'). When this option is toggled on, we will gather data from both the nearest National Weather Station, and the nearest Personal Weather Stations.

    To locate the weather data for a specific weather station, simply navigate to "Change Weather Station" in your Rachio app, and select "More Info" beneath the station you wish to view. You can also Google search using the following templates:

    To locate the weather data for your Rachio, simply Google search the following:

    National Weather Stations (NWS)

    Example: https://forecast-v3.weather.gov/obs/KECP/history (notice the station ID is all capitals)

    Personal Weather Stations that start with PWS_

    Example: http://www.pwsweather.com/obs/IROZEUS.html (be sure to remove the 'PWS_')

  • Distance
    This is going to indicate how far the weather station we are using is from your property--specifically your latitude and longitude. You will notice that this distance will change based on whether the data is being pulled from an official National Weather Station (NWS), or a Personal Weather Station (PWS).
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