Can I install the controller myself?

The Rachio controller is designed for DIY installation

For links to your model's Install Guide, click here

Professional installation is recommended for:

  • Outdoor installation
    • Outdoor installation requires the use of a weatherproof enclosure (sold separately). An irrigation professional or electrical contractor will be able to assist with this installation.
  • Pump relay systems
  • Multi-unit systems
  • Commercial applications

To hire a professional installation, we recommend the following resources:

Search "sprinkler/irrigation", "landscaper", "lawn", "plumber", "electrician".

Key questions to ask include:

  1. Do they or their technicians carry smartphones (required for Rachio installation)? 
  2. Do they have experience with ET technology?
  3. Cost? Flat fee or hourly? Do they accept credit cards on their website for payment?
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