How to test a rain sensor


Not sure if your rain sensor is wired correctly? Test it! To test the rain sensor operation, do the following:

  1. Activate the Rain Sensor on the App ("More" tab > "Controller Settings" > "Accessories"). Select S1 or S2, depending on which terminal your sensor is connected to on the Rachio controller, then toggle to enable the sensor.

  2. Go to the "More" tab > "History" to view your History feed.  

  3. Hold down the test spindle on the rain sensor

  4. Refresh the History feed (pull to refresh on Android and iOS). A new History event titled Rain Sensor Activated should appear. 

  5. Release the test spindle on the rain sensor

  6. Refresh your device's History feed again. A new activity should be logged as Rain Sensor Deactivated. If you are not seeing Rain Sensor Activated / Deactivated, the wiring is not attached correctly.



The rain sensor will not impact manual operation of the system; only saved Watering Times will be skipped.

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