How to test a rain sensor

Not sure if your rain sensor is wired correctly? Test it!

To test the rain sensor operation, do the following:

  1. Activate the Rain Sensor on the App ("More" tab > "Accessories"). Select S1 or S2, depending on which terminal your sensor is connected to on the Rachio controller, then toggle to enable the sensor.

  2. Go to the "History" tab (formerly Activity Feed) to view your History feed.  

  3. Hold down the test spindle on the rain sensor

  4. Refresh the History feed (pull to refresh on Android and iOS). A new History event titled Rain Sensor Activated should appear. 

  5. Release the test spindle on the rain sensor

  6. Refresh your device's History feed again. A new activity should be logged as Rain Sensor Deactivated. If you are not seeing Rain Sensor Activated / Deactivated, the wiring is not attached correctly.


The rain sensor will not impact manual operation of the system; only saved Watering Times will be skipped.

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